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Another Rocking Performance for Lucie Jones

This is Me Camp Rock07/11/2009 -Lucie Jones sang This is Me from the Disney movie Camp Rock for week 5, movie week. Sticking with the rock chick image that went down so well last week, Lucie again received glowing praise from all four of the x factor judges. Simon even thought that she had made herself "relevant as a pop artist”, hopefully the voting public will agree as we await the results show on Sunday night. Watch Lucie Jones sing Camp Rock here.

Guns N Roses classic brings out the best in Lucie

Lucie Jones Rocks31/10/2009 -Lucie really did get as rock as as you can get and pulled of a fantastic version of Sweet Child of Mine, originally by Guns N Roses. Simon finally conceded and piled on the praise for Lucie saying that she had been boring last week but took it all back tonight "you gave it 100%". Louis likened her to a little Avril Lavigne and said that tonight had proved she can sing anything. Watch the rock transformation as Lucie sings Guns N Roses here.

Big Band night and Lucie goes it alone

My Funny Valentine24/10/2009 - Big band night saw Lucie at her best as she looking stunning in a long red dress and wowed the judges with her singing. She had no dancers or gimmicks this week and simply let her voice do the talking and it worked. Cheryl was happy to eat her words from last week although Simon was a bit of a pain and complained it were as if she were an actress singing. Watch Lucie sing Ella Fitzgerald here.

Second Live Show for Lucie- Whitney Houston

Lucie Jones Whitney Houston17/10/2009 - Floating down from the ceiling, Lucie sang the classic Whitney Houston How Will I Know. The Judges reactions were fairly mixed with possible the worst coming from Cheryl who thought that something just wasn't clicking. We liked it but we are a little biased! Watch Lucie sing Whitney Houston here and remember to leave a comment!

First Live Show- Leona Lewis

First live show11/10/2009 - Lucie successfully navigated her way past the first live show with her version of Leona Lewis' Footprints In The Sand. Girlband, Kandy Rain were the unfortunate act to be booted off the show first after finding themselves in the bottom two with Rachel Adedeji. Watch Footprints In The Sand here.

Scout Song

scouts song08/10/2009 - Watch (and cringe maybe) as Lucie shows her talents off two years ago for the 2007 World Scout Jamboree. Lucie was a member of the Girl Guides (maybe still is? let me know if you do) and was chosen to take a leading part in the song Jambo. Watch the scout video here

Lucie is told she's in Dannii's final 3

x factor live shows04/10/2009 - Watch as Danni Minogue breaks the news to Lucie that she is in her top 3 and through to the x factor live shows. Lucie Jones X Factor live shows video!


Dannii Minogue’s group fly to Dubai

judges audition03/10/2009 - Dannii has been selected to mentor the girls this year which includes of course our Lucie. Watch as she sings Anything For You, by Gloria Estefan, for her final audition.


X Factor Bootcamp Audition

Lucie Jones Christina Aguilera26/09/2009 - After her fantastic first audition, Lucie was back again to show the judges what she's made off. Singing Hurt, by Christina Aguilera, the judges were yet again full of praise. Watch her bootcamp audition.


Lucie Jones: Welcome to the X Factor!

Lucie Jones first xfactor audition05/09/2009 - Singing the many times butchered I Will Always Love You, Lucie immediately impressed the Judges and got yes,yes,yes and YES from Simon, Louis, Dannii and Cheryl. See her amazing first x factor audition here.



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Recent Comments:

Guy :
June 21: 2010

I love Lucy!. What a superb session on Friday evening at Newmarket. Lucy was beautiful as ever and stood out head and shoulders above the other performers (although Jamie put on a great show as always). Many congrats Lucy on landing the lead role at Les Mis, it will pay the bills and give you a chance to do what you love in a classic show. I still find it impossible to understand why it's not yet been possible to secure a solo record deal. Maybe after/during les mis - i guess shows haven't done performers such as Elaine Page any harm, so not a bad place to start on a professional carear. Ver best of luck Lucy. It now gives me one more reason to come to see the show."

May 18: 2010 at 11:08 am

"I think your a really good singer, really stunning, i work in cardiff city stadium and i was their when you sang 3 songs in their which were great, im just wondering if there is any vidoes of you singing in the staduim? x"

Matt Salway:
April 16: 2010 at 2:36 am

"I AM IN THE LOVE WITH THIS GIRL If she ever does a Tour i will support her all the way i will Pay anything to see her Sing i allready Booked to see her in August at Butlins in Minehead"

jack skyrme:
March 30: 2010 at 11:54 am

"lucie i think your amazing i went to see you in newcastle on the 27 you looked gorgeous and i loved when youy sang this is me lyl jack "

John Rich:
March 13: 2010 at 9:01 pm

"Lucie. I thought you were the best of X-Factor and you should have won. When can we expect an album? I'll buy it. John Rich"

October 12, 2009 at 04:41 pm

"i lovee youuu! xxxx from lee lol"

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