Lucie Jones sings Ella Fitzgerald

24/10/2009 - Cheryl Cole thought there was "something not quite clicking" last week- well! she took it all back tonight. Lucie was sensational as she sang the Ella Fitzgerald classic, My Funny Valentine, and (barring Simon) blew the judges away. Looking gorgeous in a long red dress, Lucie was on familiar territory as she sang with no backing dancers, no frills and let her voice do the talking. Yes, Simon complained that it was as if she were an actress singing but that's Mr Cowell for you! Big Band week saw a visit for the contestants from Michael Bublé, who'll be performing on the results show.

Lucie Jones sings My Funny Valentine, originally by Ella Fitzgerald


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Colin Forte:
October 28, 2009 at 09:17 pm

"I think Lucie has a beautiful sounding voice (most important!) perfectly in tune, perfect timing,film star looks and can sing any type of music, I think you can safely say I tip her to win, even if she doesn't win she will definitely have a big future in front of her as a world class singer, she could be another Celine Dion or Barbra Streisand she is in that league far ahead of the over the top warbling type of singing of 'Leona' (who makes every song sound the same) Good Luck Lucie (even though you don't need luck!) Colin Forte"

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